Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the experience at Smrti Academy. These activities teach us lifelong lessons in perseverance, hard work, the true meaning of teamwork and how to compete fairly. Children learn to take wins and losses.  There is a general distortion of losing in a game/competition and pressure on children to only win. Smrtians learn that Life is like chasing a butterfly. Just have some fun while we try. Our children take part and learn in these activities because of their love for the activities.


Core Strengthening, Stamina Building and understanding Techniques. Children will enjoy this program as well as build on their physical wellness

Outdoor Games

Introduce children to games like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, Kho-kho and Kabbadi

Indoor Games

Introduce children to basics of games like table tennis, carrom board, chess and other board games that build on curricular work

Art Forms

Basic appreciation of drawing, painting, colouring, music and dance

Social Work

Children understand that inclusive living is the only way in this world. Community work will be a large part of their school program


A basic program where various skills help children connect books to real life and experience of joy of doing things with their own hands

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