Smrti prepares a child for the real world. An age appropriate curriculum, activity based learning, connecting the text books to real life and "building for change" sums up our approach. The focus is Knowledge, Skills, Values and Attitude.


The child learns to compete with herself/himself and works on how to learn rather than what to learn. The child is prepared not only to enjoy Learning but also how to handle challenges in real life. S/he is better equipped to handle change and come out more resilient.


Activities are a significant part of the Curriculum. The School encourages children to participate in Sports, Games, Arts, Performing Arts and Community Service.  The new campus is designed to help children understand that they are indeed a part of Nature and that Life is about these inter-connections.. 


The 21st Century Skills, namely, Learning Skills, Literacy Skills and Life Skills are woven in to our Lesson Plans and Activities.
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