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This Month at Smrti Academy

Teachers' Day
In conversation with the Principal
Learn from Travel
Imaginary Fairyland

The Year-to-Date at a Glance

Independence Day

The Online Celebration of Independence Day was totally enjoyed by everyone. Click on the image below for the video


Games Online

Football is first about building core strength and then making it fun when we learn dribbling. At Smrti, we have started doing both so that children get a lovely break during the day exercising themselves and also learning some techniques.

Academics as Usual

Starting with worksheets in May and revision classes in June, children got used to online education over 2 months. Now, regular classes happen online and children are enjoying their time with friends and teachers. Exams happened smoothly

Activity Based Learning

Whether it was learning Language through Art or Learning the Skeletal System by building models (Tickling the Funny Bone) or Understanding Equality in Social Sciences through Poster Making, children get better understanding when they learn by doing activities.

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